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SDI 2.2mm x 14mm O-Ball One Piece Implants

SDI 2.2mm x 14mm O-Ball One Piece Implants

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 The 2.2 small diameter implants (SDI’s) are one-piece implants precision-machined out of titanium alloy with threads finished with a proprietary surface treatment and a machined (not polished) collar. SDI’s are intended for use as a self-tapping titanium implant for transitional applications and are also indicated for maxillary and mandibular tissue-supported denture stabilization.


SDI Prosthetics Available: Item #:
Metal Housing w/O-Ring 002 Cap
O-Ball / C & B Analog SDIA 2.2/2.5
TRIPS/Impression Pickups SDIC 2.2/2.5
Diameter Length Collar Platform Height
2.2mm 10, 12, 14, 16mm 2mm 3.0mm OB - 3.8mm
CB - 4.5mm
2.5mm 10, 12, 14, 16mm 2mm 3.0 mm OB - 3.8mm
CB - 4.5mm



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